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It's Snake Season! 

Black Ratsnake (non-poisonous/non-venomous)


For more information about snakes, view our Bites and Stings page and our Poisonous Snakes brochure.


How much do you know about snakes?


1. How many species of snakes are found in West Virginia? 

a. 13

b. 5

c. 20


2. True or False: The size range for snakes in West Virginia is from 10 inches to more than six feet in length. 


3. How many species are poisonous/venomous? 

a. 2

b. 1

c. 4


4. If bitten by a poisonous/venomous snake, either apply a tourniquet or use the "cut and suck" method. 


5. True or False: The length of the Northern copperhead's fangs is related to the length of the snake. 





1. c. 20

2. True. 

3. a. 2

4. False

5. True