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Naloxone Use


West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources Naloxone Brochure

Save a Life: How to Use Naloxone to Reverse an Opioid Overdose

Safe Use of Naloxone Auto-injectors (Evzio)

If showing someone how to use the device, or if you are practicing, check twice to make sure the box labeled “TRAINER” is being used and NOT the box with the medicine inside.

  • The TRAINER is the container box that is black and white with red letters. The purple and yellow container box is the one that contains naloxone.

Accidental needle sticks will not occur unless you 1) place your hand over one of the containers that is filled with naloxone or 2) purposely destroy the container and open it.

After you have given someone naloxone, you can give the empty container to the emergency workers when they arrive. They can take it to the hospital with them for disposal.

    If the empty container is not taken to the hospital, you should:

  • Wrap it in newspaper and bind with tape, OR
  • Place in a plastic container (one that is not see-through) with a twist top, OR
  • Place in a metal can with a plastic lid (like a coffee can), place the medicine container in the can and then seal the can by wrapping tape around the lid once it is put back on.

After wrapping the used container as above, use a marker and write on the container or wrapped paper “Do Not Recycle”. Place in a garbage bag and throw away with the regular trash.

Storage of Naloxone

Correct storage will ensure that the full amount of naloxone is available until the expiration date listed on the box.

If the expiration date on the box is just a month and year, the naloxone expires the last day of the month. 

Naloxone should be stored at room temperature. Keep the medication in the box you received it in to keep it away from light.

If it has been stored in non-ideal ways (for example, in the glove box of a car) call the Poison Center to see if the naloxone can still be used or if it needs to be thrown out. The Specialist will ask questions in order to determine if it is still OK to use.


Pharmacies Dispensing Naloxone

All West Virginia CVS, Fruth, Kroger, and Rite Aid Pharmacies.