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Parents of Teens Beware: Poison Dangers May Be Lurking 

If you are the parent of a high school student, it is likely that you have discussed the use of drugs with your child. Unfortunately, new types and forms of dangerous drugs keep making their way into the teen world.

All Caffeine Is Not Created Equal

                          Photo by Ragesoss (Own work)
                             or GFDL (httpwww.gnu.orgcopyleftfdl.html)],
                          via Wikimedia Commons


Caffeine is now available as a pure liquid and as a pure powder for mixing with non-caffeinated liquids. The pure liquid can be purchased from store shelves. The pure powder is purchased from Internet sites. Teenagers are frequently ingesting multiple servings of caffeine products at a time (with and without diluting the caffeine). This can have very harmful effects such as abnormal heart beats and seizures. Deaths have occured in otherwise healthy indviduals.
Caffeine is also now available in food products, snacks, and candy. The amount of caffeine in some caffeinated beverages also exceeds what has traditionlly been found in these drinks. 
Caffeine poisoning can be inadvertant if your teenager does not fully understand the potential risk of these products. The WVPC has caffeine poisoning information available here. 

E-Cigarettes Are Not Completely Harmless

Photo by Lauri Rantala (Flickr 510N e-cigarette and e-liquids)
via Wikimedia Commons

The use of e-cigarette devices is growing in popularity, even with teens, but e-cigarettes and e-liquids (pure nicotine) can pose a poisoning hazard for all ages. Poisonings have the potential to be serious and life-threatening. 
As an additional danger, high school students have been placing synthetic marijuana liquids into these vapor devices instead of nicotine. Seizures and death are possible consequences.